Vibhuti in Valerie Allen's book "Invitation to Love!"

Copy of an email received on 30/9/07

Hello John, Sai Ram from Tom and myself here in West Auckland, New Zealand.
Your dear mum sent us a copy of INVITATION TO LOVE some months back, I had her book resting on my drawing board yesterday, a golden spring afternoon here - and Tom picked it up, lay down on the sofa and was having a re-read.
He was so absorbed that only later he noticed white powder spilled all down his chest. Then, to his amazement, page after page, he saw large deposits of vibhuti formed all along the inside gutter close to the spine, and considerable clumps of it throughout chapters 8 and 9, with smaller areas and streaks forming pgs 13-25 and several others - particularly where Valerie quotes His words in bold italics, I noticed, in sum some twenty pages at least.
It has the delicate yet slightly grainy texture of vibhuti Swami makes during interviews and has a pleasing taste, also afterwards brings an extraordinary feeling of upliftment and wellbeing, as well as an overwhelming feeling to simply be still and focus on HIM. We were so amazed - we had seen vibhuti formed in other places, such as with photos etc but not in a book.
We are going to see Ortrud and Robin James tomorrow (she has just arrived back from Prashanti and has a tummy bug) so will take it to show them and give her some of this Divine Gift which has quite overwhelmed us. It was a special day all round as just after discovering it we were scheduled to go in for a bhajan and talk by Arthur “White Lion” and Poppy Hillcoat from Australia who have recently been appointed “Roving Ambassadors of Love” by Bhagavan and the Central Council in PN, topping off a day we will always remember, forever.
What a blessing and acknowledgment of the beautiful book He produced through Valerie’s hand.
Our loving Sai Rams to you all
Lyn Kriegler and Tom Elliott
KareKare Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Invitation to Love by Valerie Allen

with an introduction by Prof. Keith Kritchlow
...This book will be a help to hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of people who, like the author, have been seeking along many paths for the key to life.
Valerie Allen brings a breadth of experience to her search for spiritual reality which she describes with directness, honesty and a depth of self-scrutiny. She has been a daughter, wife, mother, Franciscan tertiary, grandmother and a life-long seeker for truth. Her eventual encounter with Sathya Sai Baba, the contemporary Avatar who resides in Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh, India, immediately concluded her searching. Here was Love embodied: a holy person who taught that one must observe the unifying truth in all religions. This unitary truth is unconditional and universal Love, a Love quite transcendent to individual experience, a force relating all things to all other things in the very spirit of non-separation itself. Once fully realised this immediately dissolves conflict, promotes peace and engenders good will between person and person, person and things, person and the natural world and brings peace of mind.
This book is a most valuable instrument in finding the truth. (A5 - 302pages)
Price £9.00

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