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from India, a new DVD:

With the Lord in the Mountains, Kodaikanal, April 2006

Kodaikanal is home to what many Sai devotees regard as Swami’s intimate ashram. In the crisp cool air of this hill station, the crowds are smaller, we are blessed with “the Swami experience” of yester years. Gliding among His devotees, He delights them by chatting, taking letters, materialising gifts, posing for photos and giving interviews.
This one hour DVD presents highlights of Swami’s two-week Kodaikanal trip in April 2006. We witness the breathtaking manifestation of the Lord Rama’s ring given to Hanunan before leaving for Lanka and Swami’s much beloved darshan, bhajans, discourses, conversations with students and visits to devotees’ homes. Price: £7.00


from UK, a new Book:


Invitation to Love by Valerie Allen

with an introduction by Prof. Keith Kritchlow
...This book will be a help to hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of people who, like the author, have been seeking along many paths for the key to life.
Valerie Allen brings a breadth of experience to her search for spiritual reality which she describes with directness, honesty and a depth of self-scrutiny. She has been a daughter, wife, mother, Franciscan tertiary, grandmother and a life-long seeker for truth. Her eventual encounter with Sathya Sai Baba, the contemporary Avatar who resides in Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh, India, immediately concluded her searching. Here was Love embodied: a holy person who taught that one must observe the unifying truth in all religions. This unitary truth is unconditional and universal Love, a Love quite transcendent to individual experience, a force relating all things to all other things in the very spirit of non-separation itself. Once fully realised this immediately dissolves conflict, promotes peace and engenders good will between person and person, person and things, person and the natural world and brings peace of mind.
This book is a most valuable instrument in finding the truth. (A5 - 302pages)
Introductory Special price £9.00


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