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This is an autobiography with a difference! Ann Merivale has travelled the globe. From the ancient civilisations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Greece, to present-day England, France and Spain, there is scarcely a corner with which she is not familiar. But most of her sojourns have been not in her present life, but in previous ones. A highly trained regression therapist, she believes that by bringing into our conscious minds events and emotions that we have stored unconsciously, sometimes for aeons, we can be freed to let go of traumas that have prevented us from leading happy, balanced lives, to escape from repeated patterns which have not served us, and to make use of knowledge and talents that had been dormant. Though personal, the stories in this book are relevant to everyone, and the book also contains numerous exercises specially designed to help YOU to help YOURSELF.

These accounts, in which the author’s past-life characters range from victim to abuser, from healing shaman to plundering crusader, demonstrate too how we can integrate all aspects of our personalities into a force for good and find our way back to the Source whence we originally came.
Price £9.00

from Shirdi & Prashanti

VCD - Shree Saibaba ki Aartiyan (Shirdi). Price: £6.00

DVD - Glimpses of Shri Sai Baba (Shirdi). Price: £9.00

DVD - 82nd Birthday Celebrations. Price: £9.00


we also have six new DVDs of

Al Drucker in U.K.


During the eighties, Western devotees visiting Prasanthi Nilayam were entertained and instructed, at Baba’s suggestion, with talks by Al Drucker, an American devotee with extraordinary tales to tell and a unique gift for telling them.
A former physicist, pilot and naturopath, Al lived on the ashram for 10 years and his stories, some of how Baba saved his life more than once before he even met Him, are told with the spiritual wisdom and perspective that only comes from being very close to Baba over a period of years.
Here is a collection of talks from around 2000 and 2001 when Al visited the UK.
He speaks in a warm, amusing and dramatic style, punctuating his stories with songs and answering questions from his audience. We see him first (two DVDs Nos. 1 & 2) at the Sai Weekend Retreat (April 2000) and then at several satsangs around the UK in April/May 2001. In Callington (No. 3) in Bournemouth (No. 4) in South London (No. 5) and in Harrow (No. 6).
Al Drucker has compiled and edited the following books: Sai Baba Gita – Self Realisation – Nasargardatta - I am.

Price each DVD £6.00 or £30.00 for the whole collection


TWO new CDs

21 Sai Devotional Songs in English

Live recordings at Satsangs - The CD contains 21 songs.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai - I dance in the morning - Love is all I am - More love more power - O Lord hear my prayer - Oseh Shalom Bimromav - Sai Mata - Sing Hallelujah - Ubi caritas et amor - Yasim yasim - Hoping to embrace the future - Let me be one with the infinite sun - Lord Of All Life Of The World Of Us All - May the life I lead - Mother O mother Sai Maa - O Mother Sai - Ride On, Ride On, Ride On into Joy - Shabat shalom - The Spirit Lives - When the spirit of the Lord - Let the love we are sharing
Price: £5.00

87 Sai Devotional Songs in English

This CD is an MP3 CD which will play only MP3 players, DVD players and on computers.

Live recordings at Satsangs - The CD contains 87 songs.

Price: £5.00

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1) In Russian

Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by John S. Hislop

Price: £4.00

2) In Tamil


Price: £4.00



























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