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No. 6 - Glympses of Sai Baba (1961-1973)
This rare film contains many delightfully informal sequences of Baba when young (riding a donkey, wearing a hat and sunglasses, walking among his devotees), as well as being a historical record of Swami in the 60's and 70's.
We see Him on a visit to Badrinath 1961, Puttaparthi 1969, celebrating Shivaratri 1969, inaugurating Anantapur College 1971, at the Dasera festival 1972 and at the Dharmakshetra, Bombay 1973. (£7.00) (45 min

No. 13 - Phyllis Krystal at the San Diego Conference
Phyllis Krystal is known world-wide for her work on Cutting the Ties That Bind.
At this Sai Conference Phyllis talks about the challenges of being on the spiritual path and describes some of the ways we can unpeel the layers of learned behaviour patterns that conceal our inner selves and prevent us from growing. Vivid stories of her close contacts with Baba and Mrs. Krystal's gentle warmth, humility and wisdom makes this a moving and inspiring video. (80 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 21 - The Way to Baba
A professionally-made video about Baba showing daily life in Prasanthi Nilayam, with Baba in his many roles - teacher, healer, confidant, world leader. We meet people he has healed of disease and those whose lives he has transformed. We also witness the good works he has inspired - schools, hospitals, universities and learn about Baba's teachings through interviews with his devotees, including Howard Murphet. (54 minutes). (click here to play short clip)

No. 24 - Michael McCarty at the Texas Retreat (Part I)
An immensely entertaining and unusual account of the speaker's transformation after meeting Sai Baba, which is specially dramatic since he has a wonderful gift for story telling. Full of honesty, humour and insights about the spiritual path and the impact Baba makes on us. (1hr 15minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 26 - The Secret Cave of India - PATAL BHUVANESHWAR
A fascinating film of the mysterious and holy Patal Bhuvaneswar, a cave temple in the Himalayas which was described in the ancient Skanda Puran. We see the stunning features of the cave and hear the moving experiences of pilgrims from East and West who have witnessed the cave and felt their lives changed by it. (50min)(Price - £7.00)

No. 34 - The Complete 70th Birthday
Celebrations Experience
A comprehensive documentary of the days surrounding Sai Baba's 70th Birthday. Not just a souvenir of the Birthday celebrations but a thorough and thoughtful account of the astonishing range of projects and activities surrounding the main celebrations, which represent every activity carried out by the Sai organisation worldwide. Baba is seen throughout patiently and lovingly encouraging, inspecting, giving out food, gifts, diplomas and teachings. (90minutes)(Price - £7.00).

No. 35 - Aura of Divinity
Like all the Richard Bock films, a well-produced and professional film which tells the life-story of Baba, the spiritual regeneration He is creating and the prophecies His life has fulfilled.
We see Swami giving Darshan and discourses which includes His description of the work of an Avatar and how He prevents global disaster, wise words on the renaissance of education, modern marriage, the meanings behind religious rituals.
Includes part of a Christmas discourse on Jesus, an interview with Dr. Jack Hislop showing the famous crucifix Baba materialised for him and Dr Baranowski, a world expert on auras, describing Baba's unique aura. (60minutes)(click here to play short clip)

36 - The Early Years
A rare and powerful early film containing many historic moments in the Sai Story, and showing Swami at different ages in His life; striding briskly about in His 30s, radiating youth and beauty in His 40s as He gives discourses.

We see the famous Abishek miracle where He produces clouds of vibhuti from a small upturned vase, Swami presiding at the inauguration of the Anantapur College, a remarriage ceremony of Walter and Elsie Cowan (after Swami raised him from the dead in Madras) the housewarming ceremony of Diana Baskin and her fist husband Joel, Swami producing a mala and other holy objects from the Chitravathi sands at night.

We hear the Story of Shirdi Sai with scenes of the shrine at Shirdi.
We see the dedication of the Dharmakshetra building at Bombay, scenes from the early summer courses, the Birthday celebrations of 1964, a sacred thread ceremony and finally Baba producing two linghams from His throat at Mahashivaratri time in Prasanthi.

Four films in one: 1) Advent of the Avatar, 2) The Endless Stream, 3) The Early Years, 4) Darshan
(One hour 42 mins) (click here to play short clip)

No. 37 - The Universal Teacher
An impressive early film, professionally made, in three parts. We see Swami at the beginning of the Sai Institute of Higher learning. An excellent commentary explaining how the Institute began. Then we see the 1980 Third World Conference, with Swami giving a superb discourse on Equanimity. Specially valuable to anyone interested in EHV, BalVikas and the early history of Prasanthi Nilayam, Brindavan and Swami's Educational system.
Part 1 - Facets of Faith Part 2 - Equanimity Part 3 - Mind & Meditation. (1hour and 26min.) (click here to play short clip)

No. 38 - Baba talks to Westerners in the interview room
An extremely rare film of Sathya Sai Baba giving an entire hour-long interview to a group of Westerners. The quality of the film varies but this film will give you a wonderful feeling of being with Baba at His most human and approachable - teaching, joking, scolding, showering the devotees with love and blessings. A film to keep and treasure. (approx 60minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 46 - Amore, Amore, Amore (Love, Love, Love)
An unusual and beautiful Darshan Film , made in Argentina by Atilio Spinello, photographer and producer of films and videos. Skilful use of special effects and a variety of modern background music show Swami often in close-ups in His different aspects including some rare shots of Swami walking in his private Brindavan gardens.
We also see Him at the 70th Birthday ceremony at the evening concert, and on the Mandir balcony the following Christmas. (63 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 49 - The Song of Service
This film is so beautiful and inspiring you'll want to watch it over and over again. The digital quality is matched by artistic camera work and atmospheric music.People from different walks of life, all speak movingly of the love and peace they experience while giving service on the Prasanthi Nilayam ashram and the camera follows them around as they work in the kitchens, hospitals the Water Project. The Darshan scenes are extremely reverential and we also see Swami smilingly throwing ladoos at His 70th birthday celebrations.
This is the best video made so far showing the transforming effects of Swami's teachings on service and celebrating the life and works of Sathya Sai Baba. (54 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 51 - Personal Experiences - Lucas Ralli, Peggy Mason , Prof. Keith Critchlow
Three well known UK devotees tell how they came to Baba and describe some of their interviews with Him. - *Lucas Ralli, former UK President, who has written four books about the inner communications he has had with Sai Baba. *Peggy Mason is an author and publisher of a quarterly Sai Magazine from England. She tells how she came to Swami and describes several interviews.
Prof. Keith Critchlow is the architect of the Super Speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi. He talks about how he got involved in the project and some of the interviews he has had with Sathya Sai Baba. (85 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 61 - My Sweet Lord
This video is a unique compilation of contemporary devotional songs coupled with some of the most recent and best close-ups of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The music is produced by a variety of international Sai devotees, such as Cass Smith, Christianne Both, Ladd Bogdonoff, Renu, Dana Gillespie, Richard Karst, Lynn Burns, John Hoban, Linda Gallagher, Mike Meade, Carol Randall, Dave Snow, Gregg Sunfield, Michael and Marianne Warren, Mathew McGeary and Youth 4 Sai.
Each of the songs is digitally mastered and each video tape is recorded with Hi-Fi stereo (if you have a Hi-Fi VCR).
This video features unique footage of Sai Baba and attempts to leave the viewer fully focused on the Lord’s form and name. If you liked the video from Australia “Pure Love” you will really enjoy this video. (60 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 62 - Feelings
A powerful darshan film, with spectacular visual effects symbolising Baba's cosmic nature. We see Swami moving gracefully among His devotees during the 71 years, the many inspiring close-ups showing the tenderness, severity and visionary qualities of the Divine Mother. Blessing the crowds, leading bhajans, giving padnamaskar and discourses on different holy occasions. The quality of the long-range camera work allows us such closeness with Baba that we almost experience the feelings that show on His face. (42 Minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 63 - Everything for Love
An Atillio Spinelli Film. Outstanding visual effects mix with darshan scenes, reminding us of the cosmic nature of the Avatar; the director has an artist's eye and the very latest digital equipment, giving us the constant wonder of Baba’s face in close up, alternately smiling, stern, tender, visionary.
We see him speaking to students, throwing sweets into the crowd, giving discourses and singing bhajans. Near the end riding in the fabulous Golden Chariot during the 1997 Paduka ceremony we see Baba accepting Aarti from thousands of couples in thePoornachandra Hall. Eastern & Western devotional music of many different religions enhances the powerful effect of this film. (over 1 hour).(click here to play short clip)

No. 75 - Creation of the Golden Lingham
A video by Atilio Spinello
This director's technical mastery and artistic eye have given us a worthy setting for the most enchanting miracle Swami has blessed us with in recent times - the Creation of the Golden Lingham. The fervent bhajans of Mahashivaratri night set the scene as Swami first walks among the devotees and then dramatically produces the Golden Lingham.
A joyful celebration of bhajans and Divine Discourse translated by Anil Kumar; Swami's sweet voice unaffacted by the passing of the lingham minutes before. The film finishes with some beautiful close-ups of Swami blessing individuals in the crowd and walking gracefully about, to majestic music, in the glowing light of dawn.
A radiant film to treasure for generations.
(60 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 76 - Light Meditation

Meditation should not be taken up and left off, at stated hours of the day; it must be a continuous process, filling the personality with sweetness Divine. The mind must be rid of bitterness, and be charged with the nectar of Universal love. That love must reveal to you that the jeeva (individual) is only Dheva (God), clothed in that garment. (41 minutes - Price - £5.00)

No. 81 - Isaac Tigrett at the 16th North and South Central Region Sai Conference U.S.A.
Sunday 30th May 1993

"Falling rain is like God's Grace showering down on us. To collect it, you have to turn the pot, right side up. If you leave the pot upside down, the rain, God's Grace, will run away and go to waste."
So watch this video of one of Sai Baba's best-known western devotees, Isaac Tigrett, and turn your pot right side up to collect Swami's Grace, which will pour down as you watch it.
Hear Isaac Tigrett talking of his role in the miracle-construction of the Super Specialty Hospital. Discover the story of the Hard Rock Cafe's and now his House of Blues. Listen to Tigrett's views on meditation, his work with Phyllis Krystal, his childhood in Jackson, Tenesse, his personal insights into Swami and much more. (approx. 90 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No 90 – The Lost Years of Jesus
This 92 minute film covers the missing 18 years in the life of Jesus not found in the Bible. Records found in an ancient Tibetian monastery combined with information from the Akashic Records as well as from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba complete the picture of those formative years in the life of Christ. The film also examines the mystery of the Shroud of Turin and the Spear of Longinus believed to have pierced the side of Jesus at the crucifixion. The film was shot in India, Europe and United States. (93minutes - Price £7.00)

No 98 – Pure Love
A moving meditation - This unique film is the nearest thing to actual darshan. Baba moving gracefully among the crowds, smiling, manifesting vibhuti, throwing sweets, mostly in slow motion. No words - just a beautiful music in the background.(50 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 147 - Being with Baba - “The Gopi Brigade”
A Film about Sathya Sai Baba by James Redmond.
A group of Baba’s women devotees meet to share some extraordinary experiences with Him in the early days. These devotees formed one of the first group of Westerners to spend time at Swami’s ashrams in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. They talk about a golden time before the great crowds of today, when sometimes there were only 100 to 200 people during darshan and close, frequent contact with Baba was possible.
One of the “Gopis” actually lived on the ashram in Puttaparthi with her family for many years. There is a lot of laughter and lively discussion as their reunion stimulates ever more vivid memories of Swami and we recall Swami’s words about satsang being like the coals being in contact with the Fire.
This film was taped in June 1996 at the Feather Pipe Ranch in Helena, Montana, U.S.A.
This DVD is approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes
• “The Gopis” were the happy group of Krishna’s women devotees. (click here to play short clip)

No. 148 - Being with Baba - "The Rowdies*
A Film about Sathya Sai Baba by James Redmond.
A group of five of Baba’s earliest Western devotees speak movingly of their experiences with Him in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.
At that time, before the huge crowds of today, it was much easier to get close to Baba. They have some extraordinary experiences to share and they do so in the most entertaining way. One of them, Howard Levin the author of “Good Chances”, tells some unique and very funny stories, and the man who wrote “Love is my Form” describes how Baba inspired him. As they speak, we can see the love and reverence Baba inspired in them still glowing in their faces. It is said that if you really want to see the Lord you will find Him in the eyes of His devotees.
This film was taped in June 1996 at the Feather Pipe Ranch in Helena, Montana, U.S.A. (76 minutes)
“The Rowdies” is an affectionate name Baba often calls young men.(click here to play short clip)

No. 149 - Isaac Tigrett at the 16th North and South Central Region Sai Conference, St Louis, U.S.A. - Sunday 28th May 1993

Well known as the owner of the Hard Rock Cafés, Isaac Tigrett’s story is one of faith and patience: he went to Prashanti 15 times before Swami spoke to him.
With great warmth and humility he tells how his life changed after a series of family tragedies and how Swami saved his life several times. He recounts several extraordinary experiences where Swami demonstrates His omniscience, omnipresence, compassion, sense of humour and mystery.
He expounds aspects of Swami’s philosophy and his own way of putting that philosophy into his daily life and work, notably the Hard Rock Cafés, House of Blues and the Super Specialty Hospital in Puttaparthi, for which he was the main donor.
Finally, he mentions his meditation work with Phyllis Krystal, through which he experienced Swami working in many different dimensions.
A fascinating and heart warming story. (approx. 85 minutes). (click here to play short clip)

No. 150 – Introduction to Sathya Sai Baba and His Message for the Millennium.
The first film introduces Sathya Sai Baba and His teachings and how they are translated into Education, Healthcare and Voluntary work systems worldwide, through the work of Sai Baba Centres, books and magazines.
The second film has Rolf Harris explaining Sai Baba’s importance as a World Teacher, featuring Sai Baba’s sayings, darshans and scenes from the ashram and Heritage Museum plus coverage of many of Baba’s magnificent social projects like the Specialty Hospital and the Great Water Project.
The last and final film shows the mystery and magic of the Avatar, expressed through stunning special effects and a commentary - mostly Baba’s own poetic words - which take us through the story of creation and the immensity of the Avatar’s role.
This DVD is ideal for showing to beginners, at home, in centres and at functions. (65 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 151 - Classic Baba Films - Three in One
Professionally made films for beginners and long-time devotees alike.

First, “Master of Light” - a dynamic film evoking the atmosphere in Prasanthi Nilayam in an inspiring way; showing baba giving darshan, speaking to devotees, blessing them, manifesting vibhuti. We also see devotees singing at bhajan time and in Nagasankirtan, all to beautiful devotional music.
Secondly, “A Birthday Party”, a magical film of Baba’s 50th Birthday celebrations at Prasanthi, which says much about Swami’s teaching and miracle in the process.
We see Baba making a splendid entrance by helicopter, giving His birthday discourse and darshan, leading a bhajan and enjoying the Jhula (sacred swing) ceremony. Includes interviews with Prof. Gokak and Dr. John Hislop (who describes the manifestation of a unique crucifix showing Jesus as He really was).
Thirdly, “In the Court of Sathya Sai”, a film originally produced for the 1990 Crewe Youth Retreat, showing Baba at several darshan and in a series of stills with some of His best loved sayings - all set to dynamic modern devotional music. (94 minutes) (click here to play short clip)

No. 155 - With the Lord in the Mountains
Kodaikanal is home to what many Sai devotees regard as Swami’s intimate ashram. In the crisp cool air of this hill station, the crowds are smaller, we are blessed with “the Swami experience” of yester years.
Gliding among His devotees, He delights them by chatting, taking letters, materialising gifts, posing for photos and giving interviews. We witness the breathtaking manifestation of the Lord Rama’s ring given to Hanunan before leaving for Lanka and Swami’s much beloved darshan, bhajans, discourses, conversations with students and visits to devotees’ homes.
This one hour DVD presents highlights of Swami’s two-week Kodaikanal trip in April 2006.
Price: £7.00

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When to Lord puts on a body, or casts it from him,

Hn enters or departs, taking the mind and senses

Away with him, as the wind steal perfume

Out of the flowers

Bhagavad Gita



















































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