Preparation for the Presence

Directives given by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Extracts from Discourse of the 28th March 1975 at

In foreign countries, while you are able to have a comfortable life, while you are able to command the material comforts, you feel that you are lacking peace of mind. And, with great hopes that you will be able to get that peace of mind, you spend a lot of money, and at great personal expense and inconvenience you come all the way to this place, Putting up with so many difficulties, spending so much money, and bearing up with so much inconvenience, coming all the way to this country, each one should ask oneself: ‘What is it that we are taking back with us? What is it that we are acquiring and getting in return for all the inconvenience we are putting up with? In what condition have we come here? In what condition are we returning from here? What is it that we want to acquire here? Why is it that we have come here? Have we been able to get what we thought we would get by coming here?’ This kind of questioning and inquiry, each one should make for oneself every day.

If while you are here, you continue to ask for the same kind of pleasures and comforts which you are used to, and in which you live in your own country, then what is it that you have come here for? What is it that you want to get? What is the change you are seeking? This is something which you should ask yourselves.

Those who come from the Western countries are very anxious to get a quick result, and a good result. But you are not making any attempt to make a quick correction in your path and in your behaviour, when you quickly correct your path and defects, then quick results will follow. But without bringing about changes and transformation within, how do you expect to get quick results? The kind of seed which you put in the ground will determine the type of tree you will get. When your thoughts are good, then your acts will also be good.

Many people come from Western countries who are very good. They come with great devotion, they come with feelings from the depths of their hearts, and they want to improve themselves. But in such groups, just because there are four or five people who are bad and whose behaviour is not acceptable at Prasanthi Nilayam, they are simply mining the opportunities which the whole group can have and wishes to have.

You have come from long distances, you have given up several comforts, you are putting up with various difficulties. You have come with great hopes and ambitions, and if you realize that, and if you realize the code of conduct that is prescribed in Prasanthi Nilayam, and submit yourself to it, Swami is ready to give you all opportunities for spiritual practice. Swami will take you very close, and will create a situation in
which you will feel happiness and bliss in your own hearts. From today, push away such conduct which has been described as unacceptable and develop good behaviour and good con duct. Have a feeling in your heart -that Swami is your Father, Swami is your Mother; have such a feeling, develop such a feeling. If you can entertain such sacred ideas, ideas of fatherhood and ideas of motherly nature, then you will also be happy and Swami will be happy.