DEAR ROY (Part Three)

The Class of '88

by Roy Creek

A devotee's book about the experiences of a group of pilgrims to Baba's ashram in 1988, serialised exclusively on this website.



One of the most interesting 'happenings' occurred to me before we reached Puttaparthi. We had arrived late at night in Bombay and flew on to Bangalore by the first 'plane in the morning. Shopping and preparations for our stay were the order of the day, and it we were ready for bed when we went to our rooms that night with our allotted companions. I was tired and my companion asked if I minded if he read for awhile. I replied that nothing was going to keep me awake. Next morning, he told me of an auspicious event that had happened. The writing in his book turned a vibrant mauve colour and he realised that something unusual was in the air. He looked over to my bed and saw the top half of an angelic figure standing by my bed giving me a blessing. I felt very humble. Things seem to be speeding up at such a rate and so much has, and is happening - mostly within, (64) These words are repeated, in different ways, again and again and show that although we may not have realised it, we all have been given a 'push' along the path of awareness and it is only now whilst reading the comments of the Class of '88 that I realise that we have taken steps forward that else may not have happened in this life time, or at least, not so quickly. It is our great fortune or Karmic reward that we are born in this age, able to learn at the feet of the Avatar, to not only read His words as they pour out from India, but to hear them. We also have the supreme gift of Darshan, and to be in the orb of His radiating energy and if we are deserving, or maybe I should say needy, the touch and blessings of Him who loves us all. Since finding Sai Baba my own attitude to life has matured and He has been a constant source of love and inspiration which I've shared (4) These words were from one of the 'healers' of the group that can happily apply not just to that group, but to every one of us. Sometimes we are busting to tell everyone whom we know of this great Deity that we have found. But it doesn't work that way and many times one hears the story that 'my partner cannot accept this Being that is now so important to my life, to my every action, to my every word'. I say to you "Slow down - take it easy" for within my limited experience I have come to understand that the euphoria that comes with the knowledge of the existence, the presence and teachings of Sai Baba cannot be appreciated by all. We must realise that these feelings cannot be imposed upon, or felt by our partners however loving and understanding they may be. My advice is to let those around you see the changes that are taking place within you and therefore in your relationship with them. At some point an appreciation will come. You might have to drag them reluctantly to Puttaparthi, but whatever you do, do not keep telling them what they should do, what they are missing etc. In their time they will surely come willingly to Swami's feet. The fact that your partner has a Karmic bond with you should be sufficient for you to know this. I have heard others say as this devotee said :I must confess, I never did have a burning desire to go. The impetus came from 'Joan' and I was happy to go with her and, can I say that I have never regretted it, (18) In that group of '88 there were another couple who had similar feelings the previous year, yet on this occasion it would have been difficult to tell which had been the doubter, for the experience of the presence of Baba and the blessings received, let alone the teachings and games played by Swami in the interview room, removed most of their doubts. This is not an unusual tale and I have a feeling that one can find in most groups of devotees a doubter or reluctant companion who at some point becomes aware of the love and the power of the Being in whose presence they have sat. As one said :
I went with a certain skepticism, but the experience I had swept that all away. (3)

You are rarely left with any room for doubt, but do not think that people will think any the less of you if you have doubts, for many devotees have had them at some time or the other. Better sooner than later. One cannot expect the change in one's thinking, the realignment to the Source, or the many teachings from childhood to be switched without some deep thought or experiences that can leave no doubt. There will be those around you who cannot comprehend the change. You too may be one of those with non-understanding partners and they will need time. Some to accept, some to reject.
I have always had some thoughts for those who have not been able to go to India for one reason or the other. I have tried not to be guilty, in even the slightest way, of remarking upon my trips to India, if I am not specifically asked to, in front of someone who has not been able
to go lest I rouse the seeds of envy or despair. One of our group wrote thus:-

Back in the 1970's, I would not have thought it possible for me to have been able to make the journey to India to see Baba, and in fact I had despaired of ever having the chance, as I watched others coming home from seeing Baba absolutely bowled over with love and ecstasy
with their experiences, (104)

I could not in any way, add knowingly or unknowingly to that person's or any other's longing.
Just think of that heartfelt need for all those years.
Whilst on this line of thought, there are many who have a longing, an incomprehensible emptiness.


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