Sri Sathya Sai Baba and His ashram - My life is my message

An introduction to Sai Baba and His message

You may have heard of Sai Baba first in his role as educator, healer, spiritual leader, social worker. Thousands of people in every country in the world are witnesses to these aspects of Sai Baba’s life and work.

These followers are not members of a sect or cult, but people of all walks of life, races, cultural background and religions. For Sai Baba encourages us to seek the underlying unity and divinity in ourselves, in others and in our lives, He says “There is only one religion, the religion of Love, there is only one language, the language of the Heart, there is only one caste, the caste of Humanity, there is only one God and he is Omnipresent”.

Sai Baba inspires not only Through his teachings but above all through his example; he lives austerely and in ceaseless service to those around him, making himself approachable and available to thousands daily, while maintaining a tireless programme of lecturing, administrating, writing, encouraging the students. He has no secretary, cleans his own room, accepts no money from anyone. (indeed fund raising is forbidden throughout the organisation). His manner is always patient, gentle, gracious, often
humorous and playful. Although invited countless times to visit other countries, Baba has so far stayed in India, (apart from one visit to Africa) maintaining that one has to put one’s own house in order before advising others.

His birthplace, once a tiny rural village, is now a beautiful university town with schools and colleges lining its main street; in addition, hundreds of villages in surrounding areas have been adopted by Baba’s voluntary workers who have built roads, bridges, schools and dug wells for them. Regular medical camps care for the health of thousands of local people and Baba’s Education programme has been implemented in schools throughout India and other countries. In recent years a huge Super-Specialty hospital for the rural pool was built a few miles from His birthplace, and a massive Water Project bringing clear drinking water to millions.

It is not only Baba’s example which inspires but also his extraordinary level of being, which shines through his teachings and has an impact on all who come into his presence. His frequently witnessed and documented healings, materialisations of objects, telepathic powers and appearances in more than one place at once are due to powers he was born with, not developed by special disciplines. It is said he is not just a fully realised man but the Avatar of this Age; his life certainly fulfils prophecies m several religions. He says I know who I am I have come to help you realise who you are”.

What are we to make of all this? Could a man who left his village school at 13 have such a profound knowledge of the world religions and the ability to teach and explain them with sayings and stories of Christ-like simplicity? Baba says, “Come, test, inquire, taste, experience”. He also says: “... do not be attracted simply by stories of what I create by a wave of the hand Do not Jump to conclusions with closed eyes; watch, study and weigh...”


Prasanthi Nilayam


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Sai Baba’s mission

Bhagavan Baba’s mission does not imply any new cult or religion, but merely seeks to confirm and improve the individual in whichever faith he follows. The universal character of Bhagavan Baba’s message is reflected in the Sarva Dharma symbol of the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations. (to read the full article click here)

Sai Baba’s Life Sketch

Born on 23rd November 1926, Bhagavan Baba’s life has been the consistent manifestation of His Divinity. At that early age, remarkable miraculous powers manifested in Him, such as distribution, from an empty bag, of sweets as ‘Prasad’ after worship of the Lord, foretelling events, materialising articles from nowhere. At the age of 14, on 20th October1940, He announced that he did not belong to His family, that the maya He had assumed had been discarded and that He was going to His devotees who were calling Him to launch His divine mission. Thereafter increasing numbers of devotees gathered round Him. Bhagavan Baba’s emphasis in recent years has been on education, health and rural development -education, to ensure that future generations are brought up with necessary framing for carrying out His mission; health (physical, mental and social) to relieve humanity’s suffering; rural development for improving conditions of living for the weaker sections of society. (to read the full article click here)